System overview

Complete modular system for heating systems up to 2300 kW

The meibes large manifold system consists of manifold with 2 and / or 3 circuit modules,pump groups and hydraulic diverter. The modular system makes insertion easy, and installation quick and simple. The unit is also available as a corner version. The modules are connected appropriately using a 90° bracket, and the ends of both module versions are sealed with a blind cover. Pump groups DN 32 to DN 65 are pre-assembled – including dirt trap, shut-off valves, gravity brakes and insulation. They must simply be connected to the manifold. If required, a meter installation fitting can be provided and integrated immediately. There is a wide selection of high-efficiency pumps available.

The boiler guard is a complete unit, which is installed between the boiler and the manifold. This contains an air separator, dirt trap with magnetite separator (to protect the HE pumps) and, if required, a hydraulic diverter. The connections are made to fit the manifold, ensuring easy installation. Individual assemblies are connected securely and easily using BigFixLock clamps.

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Technical information