System overview

Systems for consumption metering

With the rossweiner trademark, meibes has for a number of years delivered heat meters, water meters and also installation components and control systems. The products are, for example, provided for extending and completing Logotherm interface stations.

Since early 2015 rossweiner products have been an integral part of the meibes product range and are distributed, in common with all other meibes products and trademarks, through our "one stop shop" system by the meibes Field Sales for Wholesale and meibesPlus / Logotherm Field Sales.

On the following pages you will find complete solutions for consumption metering and consumption-based billing via OMS radio (Open-Metering-Standard) or cable via M-Bus. For consumption metering, meibes offers water and heat meters (MID tested) and electronic heat cost allocators (EHCA) from the rossweiner trademark.

Rossweiner is a member of the OMS work group and highly integrated into the further development of the OMS system. Gas and electricity meters can also be integrated into the OMS radio system.

The M-BUS system makes it possible to integrate rossweiner system components and M-BUS compatible external devices.