Logotherm - innovative decentralised interface stations

Since the early 1990s meibes has manufactured complete systems for decentralised heat distribution and domestic water heating under the Logotherm trade name.

The principle:

An individual heat source: Boiler system, CHP, local/district heating supplies the systems with hot water using a heating section. Decentralised systems supply the apartment with heat, regulate the heat requirement and/or produce hot water using a heat exchanger.


Significant cost savings during installation and operation

- 3 line system instead of 5 line system
- Central riser line and decentralised distribution
- No hot water and circulation lines required
- No hot water storage required
- Prevents legionella from forming
- Hot water temperature can be adjusted to the degree
- Quick, easy installation
- Limited maintenance requirement
- No additional costs for consumption billing (is recorded centrally in the system for each apartment)