System overview

Boiler connection components

Designed for all boiler types and manufacturers with pump groups and components for free-standing boiler up to 70 kW.

The Edition 8 product range includes the pump groups for unmixed heating circuits (UK); mixed heating circuits (MK); split system; fixed setpoint controller set and return riser.

The pump groups are compatible with the meibes boiler connection programme with 125 mm axial distance including manifolds, boiler guards etc. The high-quality 3-part EPP insulation design improves insulation and air supply in high-efficiency pumps.

Additional advantages:

  • Complete range from 3/4“ to 1 1/4“
  • Same dimensions and optics of all sizes
  • Complete equipment with wall bracket for easy, rapid installation
  • May be combined without need for ancillary components
  • All HE pumps may be used with construction height 180 mm
  • All models have quick mounting system, are flat sealing
  • 100% leak tested, can be installed immediately
  • kvs value can be changed with appropriateopening (optional)



Technical information